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Private Lessons

Young percussionist looking for a solid start, or veteran drummer looking to step up to the next level?  

Trying to find that edge to take first chair in All-State, or looking to put together a strong audition for School?

Stephen offers comprehensive lessons at several locations in the New Castle area.  Areas of study include:

Beginning Band

Orchestral Percussion

Marching Percussion

Keyboard Percussion

Steel Pan

College Audition Prep

And More!

Stephen is proud to offer lessons at the following locations:


The Music School of Delaware - Wilmington

University of Delaware Community Music School

As of August 2019, Stephen no longer able to offers lessons through B&B Music (now Music & Arts) in Camden, DE.  If you are outside of the New Castle area but are still interested in lesson, please use the Contact Now button below to see about other possibilities!


Caesar Rodney Marching Percussion

Stephen began teaching with the Caesar Rodney Marching Band during the 2004 season as Bass Technician.  He took over duties as Caption Head during the 2007 season, winning High Percussion during Chapter 9 Championships and a score of 93.05 in ACC Championships.  Stephen has continued as Caption Head for 11 seasons and Lead Arranger for 10 seasons.  

A primary focus of the Caesar Rodney Drumline is a comprehensive technical program under the direction and guidence of Stephen.  The Caesar Rodney Drumline in fortunate to have instructors with college, drum corps, and WGI experience, including several who have earned medals during their marching career.


As part of the commitment to education through the marching arts, all members of the percussion section have access to the online drop-box that contains our technical program and exercise packet.  Click the button and use the password provided to access the database. 



Stephen is committed to providing world-class instruction to any program.  His experience as a professional musician and educator can provide your students with a window into the wider world of percussion.

Stephen offers 45-60 min. clinical programs in the areas of:


Concert Snare Drum

Rudimental Snare Drum




Steel Pan

And more - custom solutions available upon request.

Contact Stephen now to plan your on-site visit today!


302 689 DRUM


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